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Brooklyn New York Wicker door

Service Doors with Walk-Thru Combination (Wicker Door) AMWT-600 Series

In this rolling and personnel doors combination, the pass door and frame are hinged to swing clear of opening when desired to give full use of the door's width with no obstructions. The door frame is constructed of sturdy structural…

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Rolling Ventilated Doors AMV-600 Series

American Door's Perforated Rolling Steel Service Doors are popular for retail storefronts, where off hours visibility is desired for merchandise and interiors. American Door's slat configuration combines the maximum security of a steel door with the visibility and ventilation of…


Rolling Fire Doors

American Door provides rolling fire doors that can meet your safety and fire code needs. We offer many products from resets to alarm interfaces. Doors are available with manual lift-up curtain, chain, crank, and motor operation. FEATURES Easy testing and…

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Vented Rolling Punch door

Rolling Punched Slat Doors

Lightweight and compact, the attractive punched slat design is a stylish complement to contemporary interiors. Our doors offer long lasting dependability and enduring quality that will meet the demands of daily commercial use. These doors are available in a wide…


Rolling Counter Shutters

A counter shutter uses the same premise as a typical rolling overhead door but in a miniature form. Depending on your desired needs, decor, and security purposes, we can provide you with the perfect custom counter shutter. Rolling counter shutters…


Rolling Grille Series AM-670

Operation: Electric operator, chain hoist, removable awning crank or crank boxElectric operator with automatic emergency egress (670, 671); compliant with IBC 1008.1.4.4 & NFPA 101Controls: Time clock, card reader, keypad accessHood: Primed galvanized or stainless steel, mill finished or clear…


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