Walk-Thru (Wicket Door) Sectional Door Series AMPTH–500 Series


Where convenient personnel passage is required, a metal pass-door within the Sectional Door can be ordered.


  • Convenient and secure point of entry into any garage or shop
  • Prevents having to open the entire garage door
  • Ideal for garages with no other access to the exterior
  • Allows pedestrian traffic with minimum energy loss

A Wicket Door, or better known as a Wicket Gate is a small gate or door that is part of a larger door. Other names are American pass door, pedestrian door, man door and a door within a door.

Our Wicket Doors will make a convenient yet secure point of entry into any garage or factory without opening and closing the entire garage door. While personnel enters and exits independently through a wicket door your company saves thousands of dollars in energy costs. American Door can provide wicket doors for sectional and rolling steel doors.

Long Island Walk-Thru Sectional Door Series AMPTH–500 Series

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